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NaBloWriMo is back (from outerspace!)

1 Oct

Ok, it wasn’t really in outer space.  It is October once again and time for National Blog Writing Month!

Once again, the fantabulous Heather, of I’m Not Hannah fame, is at the helm of our NaBloWriMo ship (actually feels more like a wonderfully eclectic parade with lots of rollerskates and glitter and streamers and quirkiness.  Lots of quirkiness!)

I will be attempting to write a post every single day.  You may have noticed that my posts have been few and far between for the past year (or 3).  Let’s just say that I’m glad that NaBloWriMo is National Blog Writing Month and not an abbreviation indicating some death defying feat involving leaping over a large crevasse on my trusty Bat Cycle (pictured above.  Those are real pretend special effects flames coming out the back.  Toys were so badass in the Seventies!).  I’m happy because I’m not a pile of busted bones at the bottom of the ravine, and after not meeting my “daily writing” goal last year, I do get to attempt this again without months of grueling rehab and days on hold with the insurance company.

NO.  No. NO!  I am not attempting.  I am doing.  Right now.  And again.  Tomorrow.  And the day after that.

What do you mean you don’t believe me?  I am doing this People.  This Pandora has been storing it up for some time and my dented, faded, trusty old banker’s box (patched with a lovely selection of vintage travel badges and sushi grass stickers and silver stripes of duct tape, of course) is bursting at the seams!

Time for snuggles and then sleep. See you tomorrow!




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