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Bunny Deux: Electric Bunnaloo

13 May

It took two weeks of caring for my wee baby bunny, Frankie, to realize a couple of things:

1.  I am a rabbit person. 

I love dogs. I tolerate cats (allergic to most, with the exception of Maine Coon Cats). I am obviously not a cat person (before anyone gets all knotty in the britches, I like cats if they belong to other people. I just don’t want felines of my own.)  I am surprised to find out that maybe I am not a dog person either.  I am a rabbit person.

2.  Baby rabbits have boundless energy.  I do not. 

3.  Having only my one kid (the human one) has been gnawing at me forever and as I have been closing in on forty it has been gnawing less idlly and more with the ferocity of a beaver on a dam mission or a wood chipper on a past it’s prime Christmas tree.

4.  No. 2 has helped emmensely in coming to reasonable terms with No. 3.

Still, No. 2 kept needling at me kind of in the way Frankie’s tiny baby bunny talons do as he climbs all over me like I’m the strategy board for his future takeover of everything that is and will be.  

I read up, like the diligent autodidact I am and came to realize that the guinea pigs were a gateway pet and now, to preserve sanity (mine) and improve the life of my newest little one, I would have to find a suitable, Lagomorph life partner for Frank.  Also, playtime with the piggies wasn’t cutting it (though it was adorable as there was a definite kinship and the piggies followed him around with the glee of toddlers after an older sibling, complete with adorable waddling and urinating during play) and as Frankie started physically eclipsing Oliver and Dave, the safety of the pigs was becoming a concern (guinea pigs are extra delicate when challenged by the strong hind quarters and boisterous boinging of a bunny). 

There were many considerations.  Most of them had much to do with avoiding the conception of a billion baby bunnies in my condo.  As I was planning on having Frank, and any additional rabbits, neutered/spayed, I decided another boy bunny would be the best partner for him, unless I could find a snipped cougar bunny and fast as he needed bunny companionship to help meet his energy.  

And then this showed up on Craigslist: 



There was a note on the listing saying that the last rabbits would have to be sold by 5pm or those baby bunnies would be heading for “Freezer Camp”.  The picture is of the blue Silver Fox buck/boy.  He was the same age as Frank. FREEZER CAMP. 


I knew I was in trouble.  I knew I, even though I am not a vegetarian, would not be able to withstand the burden of knowing this particular creature was killed because I didn’t take action.  (Don’t fret, herbivore friends, I battle with my own hypocritical thoughts and behaviors each and every time I slip on my shoes or raise a physician prescribed nibble of flesh to my lips. I do.)

I talked to my kid about it and read him the craigslist ad.  

“We need to go get that bunny, Mama.”

So we did.

We put Frank in his hamper, hopped in the car, and drove up to Port Charlotte to meet Otis.  

That’s when we learned that Frank is a really tiny, possibly dwarf, rabbit.

Otis is a meat rabbit.  READ:  very large.  Frank: 1.5lb  Otis: over 8lbs. (Frank has since grown quite a bit but is clearly the racing model to Otis’ utility/tank/steamroller body type). 

Here’s Otis, at home, the first week.



There is more to the whole Otis tale, but it just dawned on me that I have gone completely non-linear.  I think I failed to post anything about how I went to go get hay for the Guinea Pigs and there were baby bunnies and I put my hand in their enclosure and this little black and white bunny, who looked kind of like a Boston Terrier and a bit like a French Bulldog with bigger ears, immediately started licking my hand.  I asked to hold him. I did. And an hour later Frankie was settling into life at home and I was frantically reading everything about rabbits. 

Here’s baby Frank:  


And fast forward a couple of months…


Before you are pummeled by the irresistible cute of a baby bunny,  please please please do your research to prepare for their needs.  They are a joy and require very specific and constant, involved care.  One fantastic resource is the House Rabbit Society. 

Kaboost! Wahhhoooo!

30 Apr

Over the past couple of months our family has been eyeball deep in home and family reorganization… Because my health and physical ability has changed so much and boyo’s needs are changing daily, I am so much more aware of the things that help me, that give me a little more flexibility or a boost with one set of needs so that I can save my energy and strength for where and when it can have a greater impact. So, the next couple of posts will be about gadgets and tools that are helping me and/or helping boyo…

This one is a new favorite….We have been through a zillion baby/child seating devices- bouncy chairs, high chairs, portable high chairs, boosters… Boyo is at this point where he really wants to be a big guy and is very sensitive about using any implements that say “baby”. Today he told me that he is with the 3 year olds in school, so he is a baby. Any which way I sliced it I knew he wasn’t going accept that his birthday is 5 days after the state cutoff…. I’m learning lately that, with his delays and his sensitivity about being grouped with much younger kids, it’s really important to not totally bug him out with new things (he doesn’t transition easily or in some cases at all) and more than ever helping him feel like a big guy makes him behave like a big guy. So I am really learning about the delicate art, the dance, of keeping the little guy supports that he still needs, behind the scenes…

Anyway, part of this is, as he is still a smaller kid in size, is outfitting every area in the house with step stools. We recently started eating dinner outside every night, as a family (more on that later this week). I bought this gadget as an alternative to a booster seat as my mom’s dining chairs are a little, um, different…They do not accommodate any baby/growing kid gear…

I found an ad for Kaboost in the back of a local parenting magazine and ordered one immediately. It’s awesome. By far one of my most favorite kid gadgets. Almost any chair can be used on it… It comes in brown so it blends with Oma’s earth-tone rich environment. I am ordering a 2nd one this week as I want one for her house and the one for ours. The only downside to it? You do have to lift up and maneuver the chair and pull the springy arms of the kaboost out and get it all together- not a big deal, I’m guessing, for most folks. But this maneuvering is a bit difficult to me with this current body, so our Kaboost stays at home, on one chair. I wouldn’t call this issue a flaw (trust me it’s me and not the Kaboost!) but that is the one thing keeping me from taking one everywhere. When out at the rare restaurant meal boyo can use a regular booster. But for everyday I find the Kaboost to be a sanity saver for us and it encourages big boy behavior at the dinner table which is something that puts this in my top 10 gadgets for growing kids…

Here’s the link to amazon- more information on kaboost and images…. KABOOST Portable Chair Booster Chocolate

The secret math of growing up….

13 Mar

Boy is wailing away on his kazoozaphone (little tikes had their way with a kazoo on this one… thankfully he doesn’t like the music it plays on it’s own…just the kazoo…)… A little while ago he wanted to watch his “year one” video… I think he has trouble connecting the baby in the movie to him as a big guy (relatively speaking)…. We talked about it for a bit and here’s the official word on age:  When you are O you are a baby….When you are 1 you are a baby…When you are 2 you are a big guy….When you are 3 you are a big guy…When you are 4 you are bigger…When you are 5 you are bigger….When you are 6 you are bigger….When you are 7 you are bigger…When you are 8 you are bigger….When you are 100 you are biggest  (fingers splayed and hands stretched up to the ceiling) and then you get very small again. No wonder he was cheering me on at my last doc’s appointment when the doc mentioned weight gain… Alex thinks I’m growing just like him…  Ahhh if only…  (by the way, the formatting screwiness is courtesy of safari it seems…. I’m switching over to firefox tonight….) 

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