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No mess and low stress….Kid-made card idea…

6 Jun

Oh no!

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Here’s a recipe for frustration:

ADD/ADHD kid + ADD/ADHD mama + craft supplies + desperate need for child-made greeting card

Ok, so he drew a perfect tulip at age 16 months. Before he could walk.

He couldn’t walk until 22 months so most of the really shockingly advanced stuff happened before that momentous occasion.

Still, I like to give the various grandparent’s handmade cards….

But my kiddo who has some language, neuro, and sensory stuff going on along with ADHD has a hard time sitting still and following even very general (or specific, trust me, I have tried everything) directions usually will just wind up with a giant table full of glue (see glue tip below!) and no cards will be made… I found that the easiest way to make anything with him is to do it in 5-10 minute increments… I do realize this is not teaching him to sit still and focus for very long, but at this stage of the game we are working with smaller goals (and we don’t always reach those smaller goals, so they aren’t “too small” ….they are just right…). He also tends to only see everything as a finite whole. So this is teaching him steps and details…

Anyway, I sat him down with a marker and a stack of blank cards (by the way, if you think you are going to make a slew of kid cards, why not buy a giant box from http://www.doubleupaper.com ? They are fast and the prices are great…For the price of 6 envelope and card packs from a chain craft supply you can have over 200 sets…I keep a case in my famed plastic containers- so they stay fresh and don’t absorb any smells (my husband makes tacos once a week. I love tacos but I still want to hermetically seal everything in our home first.))

See what I mean about ADD? I need mapquest for all of my tangents…Not that it would be *that* much help… :-)

Anyway, I sat him down and had him make smiles or a “c” or “u” on each card.

He did about 10 of these before he went to town making dots and destroying the magic marker tip….

He got up and ran around for a bit and then was willing to sit down for a few to do some more… I busted out the self-adhesive googly eyes and had him put eyes on the “faces”…. He did 15 of those (good for fine motor skills and dexterity, I believe)…

The next time he sat down he drew the mouths/smiles on the extra 5….

15 cards in no time flat (if you tally all of the time together and subtract the breaks)…
and nobody became frustrated, and both of us has a huge sense of accomplishment at the end of the project…

(and the grownups loved the cards… it must have been a nice change of pace for them to be able to say “wow a smiley face” rather than wracking their brains having to figure out what kiddo had drawn as he is king of the abstract these days…)

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