10 Jan

From the lovely, generous, kind and oh so sparkly voice of Autism Sparkles comes a pep talk for whenever you might need it. Though you might want to save it for the witching hour or daylight as I just read it & it’s close to midnight & it’s treatment day & now I’m way too electrified to sleep. Good, potent, nourishing elixer….

Autism Sparkles

autism sparkles-108

Sometimes lessons slap you in the face so gently  you don’t realize you have been walloped until minutes later.  In that minute when the slapping wallop connects, the A-H-A moment steps forward and you  realize what has happened. Today, I got a little bit walloped.

It started out that way for me this morning.  I status-ed up our Autism Sparkles FB page with words I hoped would remind our wonder soul parents that though I am simply a type font on a screen, the wonder souls are in my thoughts.  I know many of our days will be rough and I wanted to wish everyone well for the day.  Give a little extra fuel, supply an extra boost of love, share my heart and let all the wonder souls know I was pulling for them.

Let me say I am not a world traveler or an international knower-of-things so it…

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One Response to “Sparkling….”

  1. Jacqueline May 3, 2013 at 9:35 am #

    I have found your advice and guidance very helpful so far in dealing with individuals within the Autism spectrum – specifically Asperger’s, this system compliments everything you teach and advocate.

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