Gug. Thith thucks.

13 Oct

Alex shared.  Unfortunately, he shared his cold/bug/fever…

So I’m a feverish, sinus-pain-in-my-upper-teeth-pain, shuffling around the house snot zombie.

Great fun.

Because I am sick, I have to hold off on my starter dose of Cimzia.  I am bummed, but will take these couple of days to marvel at how strong my immune system has been (I almost never get sick with contagious stuff, only rare and strange and nearly deadly stuff) before it drops a few more notches lower when I add the Cimzia on top of my methotrexate.

I did watch the first miner come up on TV last night… Wow.  I remember when Baby Jessica was stuck in the well and how I was glued to news about it, but I don’t think I was old enough to appreciate the intensity and emotion of the miners being trapped and finally seeing the first one make his way out of the capsule. I don’t think I would have been able to appreciate that, had I not been faced with the reality of the fragility of my own existence and raising a child, and isolation (albeit nothing compared to what the miners faced).  The little bit I have experienced in my life had me glued to the TV (to FoxNews, oddly enough) to the point where I could not click around the channels to find CNN and risk missing something, so I kept it on Fox News for a couple of the rescues and then went to sleep… Today I sat and watched one of the miners emerge with Alex and I had him do an “imagine” scenario with me.  He hugged me tight and I hugged him and told him I was never going to let him go.  He told me that I’m at the very top of his personal best friends list. My heart just wants to hold him forever when he says sweet things like that. He’s a sweetie pie. A congested, teary, feverish sweetie pie

Anyway, good night folks… I have a couple of ideas on my plate right now, and will hopefully begin to tackle them for NaBloWriMo once my face doesn’t feel like it is jammed in a mammogram machine.



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