2009 and what I learned…

31 Dec


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Hell hath no fury like an entitled princess with a Facebook account and a chip on her shoulder.

Some people who should know better, don’t.

Never underestimate the lengths someone will go to in order to avoid having to apologize.

Some people think it’s ok to abuse (emotionally and/or physically) people who are different. Not all people think people with neurological differences are human beings with rights. I was surprised to find out how nasty people are even about kids with neurological differences.

Never underestimate the crazy talk of a narcissist with a remote and access to Dr. Phil and Judge Judy.

Never underestimate the negative impact of other people’s unreasonable expectations.

Some folks believe anything on TV or in print. Regardless of how truthful/accurate the information or the source may be.

When family f&$ks up, they feel entitled to forgiveness without apologizing because they are family. They demand the benefit of the doubt, but will never give it.

Rewriting family and personal history is an exercise in fictional storytelling. It’s better to be honest, so everyone can learn from the darker experiences (face it, we don’t rewrite the light and funny stuff).

People who preach endlessly about being positive, and demand only positive information from family and friends will wind up positively alone. Or committed. Have you read “The Secret”? It reads like a how-to on disproving personal sanity.

Bullies are everywhere, even disguised as seemingly sweet kids and kindly old ladies.

Many of the logistics of friendship have changed, making the whole confusing friendship thing accessible to those of us who have always wanted good friends but are clueless about the methodology of finding and keeping those friends. (Yay!)

If someone is willing to dish out the nastiness over my differences, they cannot be trusted to be kind to Alex (who has many of the same quirks and bonus features).

Nature has been known to kick nurture’s ass, on occasion.

The strongest, most important, relationships aren’t automatically those with family- they are the ones that are cultivated on a medium of mutual respect and a desire to understand and accept another individual, wholly.

That’s all I’ve got for now….

Just wanted to share some of the things I finally figured out this year… (and now I don’t feel totally guilty about the resolutions I didn’t keep! :-)

Happy 2010! I have a feeling it is going to be a good one!



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