A Chip Off the Old SIGG bottle.

8 Sep

Sigg & BPA

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SIGG was a company many of us trusted. We were led to believe that we were making healthier choices for our families by choosing SIGG’s water bottles. Many of us recommended their products to friends and family, hoping to spread the healthy message of avoiding BPA.

I don’t feel like we drank the kool-aid. I feel like someone slipped something in our drink, in this case it’s in our water.

They claim the amounts of BPA are not able to leach into the water.

Here is Alex’s bottle. See the chips and the damage to the threads? That’s through regular wear and washing-since June 2008. The bottle is always used with a plastic SIGG “sport” top. Our other bottles don’t look like this, thankfully. Even if the BPA in these bottles really doesn’t leach in water, what about the folks that use their bottles for more acidic beverages? How does their supposed non-leaching liner behave then?

And what about when that lining chips off while the thoughtful Mama, trying to do the best for her kid, screws on the top and that little bit of lining enters his mouth, and travels into his stomach?

Does the BPA leach in the digestive system?

What does that BPA do to growth and development in that kid?

I’m curious.
I’m frustrated. I’m disappointed. I’m angry.

I’m exhausted.

Not over the bottles. Or, not completely over the bottles. I guess we have to assume that if damage was done, it has already been done.  But don’t take that as me being passive because if anyone contributes to the challenges Alex faces in this world I cannot let it just float into the wind as just a hard lesson learned in the trenches.

So what to do? Right now I’m sitting here looking at 5 bottles and wondering what to do.

Will people ever trust SIGG and their new eco-liner? The company is offering a voluntary bottle exchange- send in your old bottles and they will email you a code to cover the cost of a replacement with the new liner, from their webstore, but that is little consolation to those of us who put our health, the health of our families, our cash, and our reputations on the line.

But do we trust the new liner? Will we ever trust Sigg again?

And when will the FDA catch up with Canada regarding banning BPA?

And what will this stuff do to my kid, who probably has ingested a chunk of it. Or what has it done already?

3 Responses to “A Chip Off the Old SIGG bottle.”

  1. amy September 24, 2009 at 10:49 pm #

    Wow, I hadn’t heard this about Sigg. I guess it’s lucky that we ended up going with Camelbak. We have just one Sigg bottle, and they definitely appealed to me more. I was going to order more online but need arose and so our household went with the Camelbak bottle instead. Then the few times I sent the Sigg in to school, the teacher complained that it was pretty loud whenever it fell or was banged around, so it fell into disuse.

    It definitely sucks when you put your trust in a company and they fail you. *hug*

  2. Bek October 26, 2009 at 10:21 pm #

    Just an update…
    We switched to Camelbak bottles (we got them through Amazon)…
    I did send back our Sigg bottles (to Sigg) and it took around 5 weeks to get the email from them. Basically the email was to verify my information. Once that was done they emailed me my gift certificate code.

    I did not order new bottles from them. I just don’t trust them. I did order some aluminum boxes (I’m a nut for storage containers- I will not be using these for food though) and a camping cutlery swiss-army-ish thing.

    When I redeemed my credit the sigg site showed that my certificate number had $87’000 left on it.

    Anything else and I would have been excited. But really, what good is even $1 of product that you can’t fully trust….


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