Animal Crackers and…

9 Feb

Animal Crackers

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Occupational therapy…

This was one of those rare “eureka! I’m not totally f’ing up this occupational therapy for kiddo without the benefit of a professional OT at this moment” moments…

Uncle Jimmy and Parris sent Alex this big teddy bear shaped bucket of Animal Crackers (Stouffer brand animal crackers…far superior than nabisco animal crackers, although I do like the traditional traveling circus train packaging of the Nabisco animal crackers much more)…

So, Alex asked for some for a snack and I handed him the giant plastic bear…Then inspiration struck! We are working on his hand control and hand muscles (did you know that crawling strengthens the muscles kids need for handwriting? guess who never crawled? Yup. If I don’t obsess over it my handwriting passes as physician scrawl…As does Alex’s)…. So I rubberbanded (I got these crazy huge spring green rubberbands from officemax. They are gigantic. I had to have them, but I really have nothing in need of large rubberbanding… ) my giant otherwise useless plastic barbeque tongs to the container, and instructed kiddo that if he wants animal crackers, he would have to take them out of the jar one by one using the tongs.

Thankfully, he’s still at an age where he teeters between “Yay! A new game!” and “Mama has lost her mind. I’ll just nod my head and smile.”

Anyway, two weeks later, the animal crackers are almost finished… The handwriting? It’s getting there… But now I’m thinking that we may have to start doing everything with chopsticks to really get things moving…

Ok, had to share… I tend to have a hard time integrating therapeutic activities into busy days, and Alex is not yet at the point where we can set something up and he’ll do it, he needs constant verbal and visual reminders (for everything. we have a post it note on the door that reminds him to put pants on AND to put his pants OVER his underpants….)…. This is one little thing, that will be used over and over again, and will help him and his muscles and coordination, that is functional and fun and totally doable in our busy day….

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