27 Jan
Old Man Tea

Old Man Tea


TeaNoir.Etsy.com is moving!  No, not away from etsy, I mean in real life!

So, to focus on her move, the teamistress has announced a temporary closing of her etsy shop!

What does this mean?

Stock up now!  She will be taking new orders until January 30th!

Get enough to last a month! I know I did!

Like black tea with a little spice:  Maltese Falcon (black tea and ginger root! perfect balance)

Like something sweet and fruity:  Juicy blends sweet lychee and black tea

Traditionalist:  Earl Black is a perfect blend of black tea and bergamot

Need some kick and some mellow: Victoriana combines a fabulous black tea, bergamot, rosemary, and lavender for the perfect afternoon cup- enough caffeine to get you through yet make it a very chilled out, zen zip…

Like chai?  TeaNoir’s rooibos blend “Red Hot” offers a delicious decaf dose of sweet, spicy heat! I actually like this with milk, instead of hot chocolate as the perfect blend of spice really soothes the aches of winter…

Now go explore!

By the way, this picture was the weird old man swallowing his own chin guy (or Robin Williams sneezing…we have narrowed it down that much at least) that showed up in the bottom of my cup last year…(just in case you were wondering)…

So stock up and hopefully TeaNoir will be back after a speedy and stressfree move!



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