Ode to Joy…

3 Jan

Not what it seems…

Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek

Boy loves music. LOVES it.
Making it, listening to it…

Obsesses over it…

This month his heart song is “Ode to Joy”…So for Christmas I made him a mix of 14 versions of Ode to Joy that I downloaded from iTunes…
There’s a version done with power tools, the traditional choral and symphonic versions, 80’s synth, bagpipes, and didgeridoo…

He listens to it on repeat while he rests and sleeps… He walks around the house during the day singing it (the musical notes…he has perfect pitch and can repeat anything he has heard once with eerie precision)…

In this photo he is wearing what looks like headphones- they are actually sound muffs/hearing protectors… They don’t put one in a sound-free environment, instead they dampen nuisance sound fairly well…Thanks to these we no longer have to be as neurotically strategic about vacuuming or blender use…The day we got these I used the dustbuster, the regular vacuum, and I pureed some stuff. WITH BOY IN THE HOUSE and he was happy as a clam… These are actually for the supermarket which is one of the places he avoids like the plague because it’s sensory overload for him…

Anyway, in this photo it looks like he’s “conducting” the music in his ‘phones, but really he’s conducting the music in his soul (while trying to fit himself in a box from Amazon.com…. he wanted it to be his personal time machine but the “doors” didn’t close him in completely so he decided that time travel would not be safe in this box and he is now eagerly awaiting visits from UPS (more than usual)…

Oh, and before I sign off, I must recommend “Not a Box” (and “Not a Stick”)…  A wonderful and simple picture book on using a box (it’s not a box, it’s a ….) creatively… Really helped kiddo think, um, outside the box (he’s pretty inflexible, in general, so this was a huge step for him…)

Hope the New Year is sparkling for all of  you…



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One Response to “Ode to Joy…”

  1. Andrew January 3, 2009 at 11:14 pm #

    If he’s really into “Ode to Joy,” he just might love this – it’s a recording of the 9th Symphony performed on period instruments:


    I have several recordings of the 9th, and I think this is the most engaging, detailed and exciting recording I’ve ever heard.

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