5 Aug

No, not Vista… I’m talking about outdoor windows…

The sliding glass door has been my nemesis for quite some time…

When we moved in getting that thing clean was an epic adventure.

So, this time I brought in the big blue genie…


“Basic” Dawn Dishwashing Detergent does a whole load of stuff….

I use it as the burnishing fluid in my tumbler…. I used it to scrub (with a softish but still slightly rigid brush) my big glass door before squeegeeing… And I have to confess, a squirt of blue Dawn down the commode every once in a while really helps to keep things moving (and get things moving…if the um offending stoppage isn’t just paper…Hey, *%it happens. Also, I no longer even bother with stain remover on any greasy spots (even dairy leaves little greasy kisses on clothes)- as most of my clothes are cotton these days (good ol’ casual Florida!)…I put a dab of Dawn on the top and underside of the stain (to really kick it’s greasy arse) and throw it in the wash… Sure I love my “all natural” old school detergents and soaps, but Dawn is a great little weapon (and the small bottle lasts us around 6 months…and oddly enough, I tested some of the things I do with Dr. Bronner’s and some of the more natural/branded/marketed stuff from Ada’s Market and Dawn came out ahead…But for a quick cleaning of a mirror and everyday home maintenance I find that vinegar and water and baking soda work wonders….

I’m glad to see I’m not the only loony using dawn on windows- there was a gentleman on the today show with the dishwashing liquid suggestion as well. He had a nifty giant sponge though…Have to get me one of those…

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