9 Jul

Woohoo! It’s time for MangoMania again!

Can’t wait to taste some locally grown tropical fruit and mango creations at this year’s festival celebrating that crazy cousin of poison ivy, The Mango.

Mangomania will be hitting Cape Coral, Florida this Saturday and it is being held at the German-American Social Club on Pine Island Road (between Chiquita and Veterans/Burnt Store Road… This year they are having a Mr. Mango Head contest for the kids, various vendors.  Last year I scored some awesome all natural spray for my old bones and muscles- called, very cleverly, Snake Oil (and it is a real treat for an aching back and sore muscles)…there were a few folks selling jewelry (some of it handmade, but usually not by the people selling it) and a soapmaker or two.  We came home with bags of mangoes grown on nearby Pine Island (which is wear the festival originated… The German American club does provide a slightly more central location with more amenities and space)… We also brought home jars of homemade (by some of the farmers and their crews) preserves, mango bread, and a few other treats…

Adults can get in at the gate for $6…Kids under 10 are admitted free.  We wound up spending around $50 total last year- including a couple of carnival game tickets, a light lunch for the 3 of us (the German -American club had their Potato Pancake hut and Weiner huts open, not sure if they will be doing that this year) and a beer for the hubby (the beirgarten was open), and two grocery bags chock full o’ homemade baked goods and locally grown fresh fruit…  There are plenty of places to sit and eat and take a load off…It does get hot though- definitely wear a durable sunscreen all over as the event is entirely outside.  There are port-o-potties available and possibly regular facilities inside the german club (not sure on that…I’ve been to a bunch of events but I have never been inside!)… Bring a lightweight, breathable hat for everyone.  If you go near dusk bug spray is a must.  I doubt they are allowing outside beverages (other than kid’s bottles in mom’s handy backpack…) so bring cash for tickets, food, and drinks- especially water to stay cool and hydrated.

Boyo is excited as he is a mango maniac from way back… The kid cannot resist Mango sorbet…

There is usually a fruit tree vendor as well…I’m hoping that they have some dwarf/container trees as I would love a miniature meyer lemon for our porch….We shall see…

Anyway, here’s an article from the news-press on the festivities…

We hope to see you there!

2 Responses to “MangoMania!”

  1. jessie July 14, 2008 at 8:41 am #

    I was actually disappointed this year when I went to Mango Mania, I went hoping to be able to buy a bowl of fresh cut up mango. Never found it. All you could buy were mangos to take home or mango smoothies loaded with sugar. I just wanted to eat some plain ole mangos and I left with out tasting one mango. Very disappointed. Hopefully they will actually have a mango mania next year where people can eat as many mangoes as they want.

  2. bek July 14, 2008 at 6:57 pm #

    Have you been before? This was our second one… They did have fresh mango tasting at most of the mango sellers and at the main chamber of commerce booth (where they also sold whole mangoes for taking home)…

    Have they had an all you can eat mango thing before?

    I was not expecting that at all…I guess I look at the whole event as an educational and promotional thing to buy and eat local produce…Also, I can’t imagine any of the vendors wanting to either keep a bunch of cut-up mango fresh or prepare it on site- way too messy for a portable operation (I think)… I’m guessing that’s why so many of the offerings were either hot or ice cold (fresh mango ice cream- locally made…Yum! and not heavy on the sugar compared to the commercial smoothies), with the exception of the tasting stations which were just smaller containers of sliced up mango…

    They did have plenty of mango related foods and plants…

    I think that it was definitely MangoMania this year, but there was a definite feeling of disorganization and an overload of non-produce vendors…

    They were supposed to have a Mr. MangoHead competition for the kids and even the chamber of commerce folks didn’t know anything about it! And they wondered why nobody signed up, after the fact!

    I am curious though- have they had a thing where people can eat as many mangoes as they want?
    I would like to see a turn toward a more tropical feel- these sorts of events feel fairly disorganized…It would be nice to have a true tropical fruit festival theme throughout….

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