Getting healthy & tasty goodness….

1 Jul

Berries and Ricotta.

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OK. I finally took the plunge. I am doing a “formal” diet…
Working hard to get my sugars under better control and hopefully lose a few pounds..
The goal isn’t to look better, it is to be better- healthier and have more energy…Prevent some complications…
If I lose a few pounds then hallelujah… Actually, when my sugar is brought under better control I typically gain a ton of weight – not that I haven’t been gaining anyway -things kind of went haywire with my metabolism between the tumor being removed and my meds, it’s just that tighter control usually means I swell up like a blowfish the first few weeks and then once the swelling goes down I “deflate” and am left with a few extra solid pounds.

So…. What am I doing? I’m doing ediets… I’m doing the Glycemic Impact program… So far so good… The first week on it my sugars totally normalized and I was actually able to lower my basal insulin rates (I’m on a pump) a smidgen. While I will never be able to eliminate insulin, as I have type 1 or juvenile diabetes, this makes me happy as it shows that there is palpable, quantitative changes afoot….
For a “juvie” and for my weight I am on a relatively small daily dose of insulin (it’s around 60% of what I should be on for my weight and activity level) but still, changing numbers make me happy…

I wanted something cool and sweet and tasty but I didn’t want to blow the diet and screw up my pretty numbers…

Ricotta and berries!
It’s low fat (preferably non-fat, but I found the one container of non-fat in the county and haven’t found another since! Hopefully other dieters live in more health conscious locales…) Ricotta
Frozen berries (this mix is European field berries I believe…they did have a supermarket brand version but this one comes in a ziploc bag that stands up in the fridge and when comparing amounts I think I paid $0.10 more for this one…I had to rationalize this to hubby as he’s the kind of trying to save a penny and buying stuff that we don’t enjoy and won’t use…)

you put the ricotta in a bowl, add some berries, add a packet or two of splenda (I’m guessing you could try stevia or another sweetener…I am partial to Splenda)…

Take a fork and start smashing away…Actually you might wait a minute or two for the berries to just start to defrost… Then I just jab my fork in there until all of the berries are broken up…It is important to put the ricotta in the bowl with the berries when you do this otherwise the tasty but very staining berries like to slide and jump overboard onto whatever light colored fabric you have within a 2000 square foot vicinity. It’s true. Then fold and mix and eat while it is still cold and a wee bit frozen… Oh the Ricotta should just be fridge temp when you start…


One Response to “Getting healthy & tasty goodness….”

  1. luna at 9:42 pm #

    i bought it…i made it…i am in love!

    i re-read and then realized that i had the SAME thought standing at publix, trying to decide which berries to buy! …and i bought the same ones you mentioned!

    (‘cept i am bad, and used local honey on mine….YUM!)

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