The Reading Habit

7 Jun


Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek

I was reminded of this photo today when I went into boy’s bedroom to air out his bed and I uncovered his two babies -Paul (an anatomically correct boy drink and wet doll) and Emily (my “baby” from my childhood)-tucked into his bed very sweetly… While he doesn’t regularly play with dolls he is way more attached to his “buddies” (a motley bunch of stuffies that are threatening to take over his entire bed) than action figures and superhero type boy stuff… At least for now…

In this picture he had tucked the babies in (this was over a year ago)…Their bed was his toy box with cushion on top… He then put every blanket he could find on them (I think he thinks our house is cold… I think he needs to start wearing pants regularly and then judge the temperature.)…

And he read to him. The way his dad reads to him…

Very sweet and nice to see that all of the trips to the library and the eight zillion books the baldguy has read to him have made an impact….

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