Weird morning…

7 May

Strange morning here… Boy actually got dressed for school with minimal intervention… Drop off went fine- watched the smallest (but very muscular and strong) guy in the class knock boy off his feet… Boy’s response was to stand up and put his face a couple of inches from the perp’s face and stare him down while squeezing his hands and forearms so tight his head was shaking. The teacher broke it up. I talked to Alex who was pretty upset about hitting the floor (especially since he fell down in the men’s room at the park the other day…huge goose-egg on his squash, but he was ok…I think he was more freaked out that his whole body touched the men’s room floor. Baldguy put him right in the shower…)…

Drove to grab the Vice Squad (a couple of 20 fl oz bottles of diet coke…the only thing that gets me through the morning lately)….

On the way to the market a duck of some sort (red bill, speckled black and white feathers) flew an inch from my windshield from a sidestreet. I almost got t-boned by a duck. Nobody was behind me or next to me so I hit the brakes and the duck flew off. Scared the daylights out of me…

Went to the depot for two screws (yes, I had a loose one…actually, due to a tiny leaky faucet incident that caused almost no damage, the door to one of our vanity cabinets ripped right off the other day. I think boyo thinks I’m very, very strong… Anyway, was in depot when the elastic in my underpants just *went*… Thankfullly I was wearing pants so I waddled my way home…

Anyway. Off to fix stuff and rest for a bit…

There are fires burning far away, but they smell and look local from the smoke… Eyes watery and throat dry and itchy… Yuk. But still I love that autumn leaf pile roasting smell….

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