2 May


Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek

In a recent raffle, baldguy won tickets to Pieces of Eight– a fun Pirate ship excursion into the Gulf of Mexico… They are currently repositioning to service the keys…I do recommend it- it’s a freaking awesome pirate ship with modern amenities and a rockin’ band of pirates. Fun was had by all!

It was so nice to be disconnected from the world for a bit, out on the boat… Here’s a picture of boy on the boat. He doesn’t understand that a costume or a painted on mustache are just pretend- he thinks they actually transform him into another person.
I was amazed that he let them draw a mustache on him.

After around 5 minutes he furiously tried to wipe it off and had a running in place moment of freaking out when he declared

“Just me. I want to be just me. No pirate me. Just ME.”

It was huge though- he went on a boat, he tried something new at lunch, he had his face painted, he took pictures, he wore a hat and a pirate hat, and there was a brief moment where he donned an eyepatch.


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