Mama’s Brand New Drawers!

29 Mar


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Ok. I finally did it. I finally had enough of my little small parts boxes stacked high in their bright orange Black & Decker caddies…
So I took some measurements and did some research…

It’s a pretty obvious solution to my small-parts storage needs (in this case my bead collection) but it took awhile to get here….

My wants (wishes) were:
-able to keep dust out
-mobile within our home (casters, or overall portability)
-easily transportable outside the home (in case of emergency, but not a “you have 5 minutes to get out of the house and have to spend a week in a shelter” sort of emergency…. I do have my priorities straight.)

I researched a few options, and eventually decided to invest in a steel literature sorter- like the ones used in schools as mailboxes for the teachers… Sheesh, again with the old office stuff floating my boat…..

I already had all of these (ok. 30 of them, 24 are being used, 6 are just waiting for occupants) small parts boxes with lids… I figured I could put them in my (rather large considering I’m not a clothes junkie) closet and give each box a bin….Nicer and easier and less noisy (and frankly, hard on my old bones and muscles these days which really don’t take kindly to much lately) than pulling them in and out of the plastic caddies they came with.

Well, earlier this week I took another look at’s offerings (I have been getting their catalog since way back when) and my brain just decided to do the math…. I realized I could fit 2 tackle container things in each drawer- totally releasing the concept of buying the Bisley brand drawer dividers (at $10-$18 a pop and still not enough spaces per drawer for my liking)….

So I ordered…

I wound up with this beauty…. This is a Bisley unit, purchased from, and delivered yesterday by freight. It has 15 drawers…Each drawer measures 2″ x 12″ x 16″…. Each drawer fits two of my little small part tackle boxes with a little wiggle room- just enough to put that hank or two, or bag of beads, where I can have a visual reminder of it (hugely important with my ADD and creating- I tend to have stuff everywhere because with me out of sight out of mind holds so true) when I open up the drawer of similar beads….

Anyway, this came with a plinth (steel riser) and I bought the caster attachment to go with the unit… So off came the plinth and on went the casters….

I busted the hinged lids off the little divided containers -with some success…. On some I had to cut a hinge, but the lids still fit on top, and if and when we do move and I need to transport everything I can just use some of those fabulous “h” rubber bands to hold everything secure….

So now I have a unit that holds all of my beads (I don’t like to buy more than a strand or two at a time as I get bored easily, so most beads fit in here)… And is organized…

And mobile….
And easily stashable (fits in the hall closet/linen closet…. Also tucks under my elevated kitchen bar area (43″ tall….Bisley unit is around 36″ I believe)….
Dust free…
and of course easy enough to use for a quick bead sort that I won’t put it off until I have a gallon bucket of loose beads (like now. *gulp*)….

It was delivered super fast- I ordered Monday night and got the call about delivery on Wednesday… Pretty awesome. And for the amount of space and comfort and peace of mind this creates, it was totally worth it, and no more expensive than the various other solutions I was looking at. Actually, as the drawers are such a great size, and not too deep, I wound up saving money and space…Yay!

I just need to pen some pretty labels for the drawers….

Oh and here is a picture of one of the drawers (with a freshly started small parts, tackle bin/thing, hence it has space to add more yippee!)….


My only cons about this purchase:  I was instantly aware upon unpacking that I have many more spaces in my studio and home for rolling steel units and I have a pretty clear idea of what drawer sizes I need and hey, add a sturdy top to these badboys and I have a nice packing table…. Woohoo!

Also- the drawers don’t have stops. *gasp* So I will have to rig some up… Boyo has been warned that the drawers are not to play with, and I told him a dramatic bedtime story about what would happen if a drawer was pulled too far…. It involved beads, the shortcomings of our vacuum, and the dynamics of hard round things on tile flooring and tender little foot-soles….

I’ll list some of the other options I looked at shortly…. Some cool things for storing for folks like me that are combining family and work and art and then taming them into a happy and less frustrated ball of goodness.

4 Responses to “Mama’s Brand New Drawers!”

  1. mleeart March 29, 2008 at 3:41 pm #

    Oooh love the drawers. I have something similar with smaller but higher drawers for my studio and it really has helped me stay organized.

    I never got to the pretty labels though.

  2. beclever March 29, 2008 at 3:51 pm #

    Were you checking out my drawers?
    ha. ha.
    Yeah- this is going to be a huge help with the organization thing. Now if only I could fit everything in tiny drawers (I could get rid of my plastic containers! :-)….

    Boyo already volunteered to do the labels…Woohoo! :-)

    New on the Montessori agenda for this week: filing all of mama’s old medical receipts.


  3. Marco March 29, 2008 at 3:57 pm #

    Amazing the number of people with “ADD” these days.

  4. beclever March 29, 2008 at 4:53 pm #

    Yes, Marco. Lots of folks have ADD/ADHD. It may seem like more have it than ever before, but I think that is a combination of the terminology being introduced to the vernacular and folks overusing the term….

    I do think lots of people, when distracted or out of focus, casually mention ADD/ADHD, and not necessarily with that actual diagnosis by a neurologist/psychiatrist. Then, the “quotes” are totally appropriate.

    Other folks do actually have ADD/ADHD. It may seem like it is diagnosed more these days, but that’s just because there really hasn’t been much of a concrete term to explain what folks with ADD/ADHD are dealing with. Do more people have ADD/ADHD today than before? Possibly (personally, I think people are too connected/wired and too overloaded which most definitely makes focusing difficult, to say the least). But I think the entry of the term into the mainstream makes us more aware, and makes more folks use it as an excuse or a little aside when out of sorts and not necessarily as an actual, clinical diagnosis…

    For me, as a person who has ADD (quotes not warranted, and not appreciated…unless you have it, please do not judge those that do), I am thrilled by the amount of research and information and treatment options and support available these days because it has entered our vocabulary and our lives. I am finally, after struggling since as far back as I can remember, learning the tools to function and not just get by. Also, it’s not all about meds, even though those help a percentage of folks with ADD/ADHD. I’m learning right now, as my son was recently diagnosed with ADHD, that everyone is different- but for him, more structure and routine means less H(hyperactivity) in his ADHD. The more out of control my ADD is, the worse his ADHD is…The worse his ADHD is at any given time, the worse my ADD is… It’s the nature of the beast… Yes, some of it is environmental and situational…In true ADD/ADHD, it is also physiological…

    I highly recommend everyone google ADD or ADHD… If you are interested in more info on ADD/ADHD check out Dr. Hallowell’s books and website:

    I just finished reading Delivered from Distraction…I said that I just finished reading something! I haven’t been able to read a book in years. This is huge!

    Thanks for stopping by…If you have any questions please let me know…

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