Waxed Eggs

22 Mar

Waxed Eggs

Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek

Apparently, way back near the dawn of time (ok, last century) it was widely believed that dipping raw eggs in wax would preserve them.

These waxed eggs are older than I am and have been funking up various joints of home storage since I was a child. I did not realize they were in my possession until I took a brief trip to the garage today to hunt up freaky human size easter bunny (my mother and her giant animals…it’s a little creepy…and they always wind up at our house because they are that strange that I must share them…)

I opened the little container and instantly was transported back to “digging easter decorations out of the attic of our home in Ossining, NY the spring of 1979”. So I know these are much older than that year.

They smell. It’s a weird smell. It is not a rotten egg smell. Oh no, the waftings of rotting eggs would be a pleasurable experience in comparison. These just smell freaking nasty. Blech.

Of course I did have to bring them back up here to share with you…Now they are out on the lanai, in a box with baking soda, where they won’t hurt anyone.

I’m not sure if it is the eggs that smell, or the wax, or the wee dried flower arrangements… If anyone knows of any history of these lovely, but malodorous, creations please do share…

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