4 Feb

I’m so tired.I just wandered around wearing my reading glasses, looking for a tiny bit of metal that flew off into the abyss that is my post holiday- pre-spring cleaning homebase…. Well I couldn’t see it and I remembered to put “annual dilated eye exam” on my to-do list. Alex takes one look at me and says “Mama…” in that way which tells me he is adjusting to my unintentional zaniness… I had put on my sunglasses instead of my reading glasses.  I wore them like this, squinting to see anything closer than 3 feet, for probably 1/2 an hour… Dragging boy in for a nap in a few… So wiped out… Feeling this exhausted and always running a low grade temp also has me wondering if maybe I don’t have a virus but maybe my immune system has just been battling all the new germies I have been exposed to since the little dude started school this fall… Hmmmmm…Need rest… more later or tomorrow….   

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