Feet up…

7 Dec


Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek

OK. So as it turns out I sprained my foot and ankle in the past few days but I have no idea how… And I’m swollen as all get out….And exhausted/fatigued/etc… Still a mystery…I have to get more doc appts on Monday. Oh the fun!

So last night I hung out in my bed with some wire and some beads I never put away because I really wanted to make something with them immediately (yeah, I have a pretty big pile like that as I never seem to get around to anything involving putting stuff away…)

I made this red one (and earrings!) and another one in a matte orange that I almost want keep…. More later…

Oh and I have been tagged and am supposed to do a meme….Hmmm. I’m none-to-savvy in the blogging department yet so if anyone has any advice (I read wikipedia’s thing on it last night…need to find some examples…) please do share! I’m so excited but confused and it sounds like fun! Thanks muchly!

Ok…Off to see what I can put together on my nifty new bed tray (don’t worry, I’m not doing any torch work on my down comforter!) so I can go put my swollen foot/leg/hip up again…


One Response to “Feet up…”

  1. carrie December 9, 2007 at 6:47 pm #

    Oh my, another LONG weekend………………… Are you feeling better, the same?

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