Good morning!

11 Jun

The sun is shining and it didn’t cool down here at all overnight…. I was never a fan of “canned air” via perpetual air conditioning but down here I need it! (random trivia: I did not sweat normally  until I was 19.  Seriously. I just would get beet red and very occasionally my skin would get mildly damp…My first big sweat was apartment hunting in Boston when I was 19.  I thought I was dying for a few moments there.  No I’m not crazy! (at least not as far as this particular situation goes) Imagine you had never “swat” (past tense of sweat, right? :-p)  and then all of a sudden you did. Weirdness….

Anyways.  The A/C is pumping and I’m getting ready for my test tonight by making an epic phone call to my insurance company….Eek. If time really is money then by my calculations I wouldn’t be saving any money by having health insurance- and I have some expensive conditions!  Caring for my diabetes would cost (out of pocket) around $2500/month (without doctors appointments!) as I’m on a pump.   I think our insurance company should have a dedicated customer service person just for me.  With the 10 hours a week I spend on the phone they could easily even split Beth (that’s my imaginary customer service associate) between me and 3 other sickos to comprise her 40 hours per week so she would be eligible for bennies by working full time.  But how much of her work day would be spent trying to call her insurance company to have medically necessary things covered?  I’m guessing our insurance company doesn’t offer their own health insurance to their people.

Anyways.  I have to go make breakfast for boy blunder, call the insurance company, and take a shower.

It’s going to be a “get crap in order” kind of a day…Then more doc appointments tomorrow.

Wednesday I’m planning on cooking up some fun stuff- some new metal pieces to focus on  and with all of my 8 zillion materials organized I may have to take some step by step instruction photos to post here and on flickr…  That way when my organized regime comes crashing to the ground (with many-a-bead pinging as it bounces along the floor! Ugh. Beading should only be done on carpet! but for metal work I much prefer tile as it’s fireproof…..Now all of you know why I’m a migrating crafter!) we can all look back and “remember when” and sigh…

Have a great day!



One Response to “Good morning!”

  1. zazazu June 13, 2007 at 4:06 pm #

    Good luck tonight!!!

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