Sleepin’ music

10 Jun

*yawn* going in for a sleep study tomorrow night… I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go for many reasons but here are the top 3.

1. Alex. I have never spent the night away from him.

2. Metal. Between filling out the 20 page form and calling my insurance company and being away from my workspace as of 8:30pm tomorrow night I will not be able to do anything with metal. Insert big raspberry sfx here.

3. Sleep. I do not have a sleep disorder. This doc thinks I do. But he is an arse and didn’t even read my chart before coming in the room. Yes, I am tired all the time and it is true that sleep does nothing for me BUT it’s not because of apnea. And my insomnia is better lately as my brain is tired by the end of the day so it’s not doing it’s usual turns around the track (and off the track, across the street, down the sidewalk, onto the subway…etc..etc..) keeping me from sleep. My “bed partner” (as the form refers to him) is a snorer. I have a small child that has yet to sleep through the night. Alex awakens every night between 2 and 3am yelling “Mamamamamamamamama” and this has been going on for 3.5 years. Of course I’m exhausted. And if he had looked at my chart he would have seen that almost all of the meds they keep me on because of the nerve and arthritis party going on in my body cause- yep, you guessed it, fatigue.



Have any of you done a sleep study?

And I’m looking for recommendations for music to bring with me. I need mellow. Preferably lyricless music (otherwise I focus on the words and can’t fall asleep)…


(my favorite instrumental pieces are too familiar to me and now keep me awake- so I need new stuff… My all time favorite instrumental album (outside of pretty much all Miles Davis) is Eric Clapton’s Rush soundtrack….

Oooh and Neil Young’s Dead Man soundtrack…

But again. Too familiar. New (to me) instrumental stuff knocks me on my arse.

Ok. More tomorrow…

Hugs all around,


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