How it comes out in the end…

27 May

I have been hard at work writing an official business plan. One of the puzzle pieces is coming up with a mission statement, which can be difficult when you have a big case of craftsperson A.D.D.

So I decided to look at the Etsy mini gallery of my art to see if anything came to mind and I am completely floored by how chipper my creations are. Seriously. My personality can be summed up this way:

Annie & Alvy have a kid. Lisa Simpson & Ralph Wiggam have a kid.

The offspring of these two couplings meet and have a bizarre one night stand involving a small and amazing folk rock show and a wood paneled station wagon.

Somehow Wednesday Addams gets involved in a weird genetic alteration/mutation kind of way and adds a bit of herself to the formula.

And that kid. That neurotic, scientific, whimsical, lighthearted, overthinking, paste eating (yummy minty paste!), dark humored and sometimes funny (intentionally or not!) kid is me.

So I’m thinking that my art:

Keep Your Sunny Side Up, Spring Day, and Cheep Pink Earrings

just comes out as sunshiny, happy goodness because it is being filtered through the better parts of me: the strong will, the need to make people smile, the joy of sometimes taking things at face value and not overanalyzing them (I over think. I obsess. I can’t fall asleep at night.), and a pure and basic love of handling the materials and forming them into good cheer. I love what I do. The process of making stuff, the physical and the emotional aspects, are all for me. The finished piece is for you – the light at dusk, the first buds pushing through the snow, the circus without the scary clowns- those I want you to have.

I bought a little painting on Etsy a few months ago because in the wee hours of the morning it made me smile when I really needed to smile as things were frighteningly serious inside the old squash. I thought it would be a fun addition to Alex’s bathroom. Now I realize that it is pretty symbolic of the relationship between my temperament and my art.

The pooping cloud by freebird aka Claudia Crespo

2 Responses to “How it comes out in the end…”

  1. Zazazu May 28, 2007 at 11:38 am #

    Your art has always struck me as shiny and chipper in a very elegant and refined sort of way. It isn’t cheap or kitschy, which is really something. A lot of things that I see nowadays are. So, hats off to you, clever one.

    Love that little painting! How cute is that!!?

  2. Monica Huete June 1, 2007 at 8:32 pm #

    Congrats for your jewellry, really nice pieces, soft shapes and great colours … loved them.

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