Total and complete validation.

26 May

Holy cannoli!

I remember (so very long ago, um, in December 2006) when I received my first and second hearts on Etsy…I was walking on air and yeah, I’ll confess…I did visit them obsessively.

I went to check late last night to see how many Etsians have hearted me and thank goodness for the restraints or I would have taken a header off my barstool (my computer is up high these days)….

Guess how many?

I’m floored. I’m speechless (so now is your time, dearest reader, to get a word in edgewise!).

And, as I am so honored by the milestones my most fabulous Etsians have helped me reach, I actually was completely on the ball this time and had plans to send out a little care package to Numero 500.

Alas, my most wonderful and kind #500 is also anonymous. Which normally I don’t mind- I kind of like the mystery, the dream that can come with anonymity…But I have treats for you! (hint: from my new line…and from the same old, same old…) So come out come out wherever you are! Fun and smart and wacky goodness just for rockin’ my little ol’ world! So change that A to anything…You will, my dear, remain anonymous to the world…You may revert to your anonymousness once we share brief, but necessary, information. I pride myself on confidentiality and if I sway from that you will have my information and may subscribe me to all sorts of embarrassing sample programs and excessive listservs. Heck, if I break confidentiality EVER that is the sort of self-flagellation I will shamefully perform. Because hey, that’s the kind of gal I am. (obsessive and raised in a couple of guilt thirsting cultures).

Sooo…Without further delay…In honor of the 500 folks who have hearted me (actually right now it’s 504! Holy crow!) I would like to share some creations that have made their way from my “hearted” list and into my home:


Vintage Kimono Hairpin

Vintage Kimono Kanzashi from Atelier Kanawa


Sunset/Dandelion by Jared in Kansas (yummy light and detail)


Gnome Life Postcards from The Glitter Workshop

mantis From Young & WithIt Industries (home of the chicken butt!) … I need someone to get married as I think this is a hilarious wedding card…

Notecard/Photo by AliciaBock. In person the colors are enchanting…

ArtClub Year of the Datebook… Speaking of ArtClub…

I think I am going to move in with them in their Harveyville Project (awesome. awesome. awesome.)

And of course…My very first transaction on Etsy…

from Storklings

Of course, some of you may already be familiar with my compulsion involving “customer appreciation photos”….

So here’s the link to the Adventures of Ninja Egg

So now, go play around on Etsy (check out the geekery section if you are a big geek like me…) …Tell them Bek sent you…

And Senor or Senorita Anonymous….Come out come out wherever you are because I heart you right back…



One Response to “Total and complete validation.”

  1. Zazazu May 28, 2007 at 11:45 am #

    Lovely purchases you have made on Etsy! You know that I like to buy things there too but have tried to hold back lately so that I can spend my Etsy-allotment on things that I really REALLY want and have had my heart set on for awhile. Aren’t I so the responsible one!? :) Love those two photo prints that you got. Those photographers are amazing. So talented! Congrats on all the hearts! You deserve them!

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