Big news….

18 May

Big news, but not great news…

Summer here in the south is an adventure- daily electrical storms, power outages, and of course our lovely hurricane evacuations…

Because of the weather, excessive heat during shipping, and lengthy transit times due to the recent USPS changes (and my little guy who has suddenly lost his independent spirit and needs his mama constantly) I have decided to press the pause button on my skin care products. I will still be measuring and mixing, packaging and shipping orders containing Skin Spread and Best you ever for the next week as the stronger heat and weather that is a concern has not reached us yet. I do want to give my customers a chance to get what they need for the summer (Skin Spread is amazing as an after sun skin treat and soother).

I am extremely upset by this decision, even though it is my own, as producing Skin Spread has allowed me to meet some amazing new people and the glowing reviews and testimonials have been heartwarming and spirit lifting, to say the least.

So now, on to the good stuff… I’m putting Skin Spread and Best You Ever… into “sale” status for the next couple of days before I remove it completely from the store until things calm down. I will work on adjusting the listings over the next 24 hours, if you would like to purchase before then, to beat the rush simply fill your cart and checkout and wait for an adjusted invoice from me via PayPal (please include your preferred paypal address for me to send the invoice accurately)…

Sale Prices: Skin Spread 2oz unscented: $4.00 + Shipping

Skin Spread 2oz scented: $4.25 + Shipping

Best you ever cleanser: $8 + shipping

For the first 10 deal takers: Buy 2 Skin Spreads get one free… (free skin spread will come in a white plastic jar with metal top (not decorated)…plain and simple…)

If you’d like multiples please let me know so I can work out adjusted shipping…

I am hoping to have sale orders from this weekend shipped Monday morning…I will cease selling Skin Spread and Best you ever at the latest on Wednesday morning, May 23 (I’m aiming for Monday morning to cancel my listings, but life has a way of getting in the way of things these days…)

Thank you for your patience and support!

Best wishes,


2 Responses to “Big news….”

  1. beclever May 19, 2007 at 4:30 am #

    note: sorry for any confusion! Skin Spread is being “paused” for the time being but the rest of my creations (handcrafted silver jewelry and astroturf belt buckles!) are alive and well…

    Sheesh. The tabloids always get these things wrong….

  2. Thao May 23, 2007 at 3:42 pm #

    So sorry to hear about the excessive heat, but I certainly understand! I’ve never been to Florida so I have no idea what that kind of heat is like. But alas..I’ve already snagged myself a Best You Ever which is the best cleanser ever! :)

    Are you tired from all your skin spread making and packaging? take care!

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