Loco for Gocco.

6 May

Ok. It only took 5 months of convincing, but I finally bought my Gocco!

What’s that? You want one? Head on over to:. FeltCafe.Etsy.com

Liz provides excellent customer service and speedy shipping as well as an awesome Gocco tutorial (as the manuals that come with it are in Japanese)…

Well, after great deliberation I was editing a product photo at 5am Saturday morning and I had a Eureka moment and finally knew what I was going to print…

Here is my first Gocco creation: Gocco Thanks

And the bird came from a photo of this piece- which I created from a lovely glass piece that came to me from a dear friend in the Czech Republic. The glass is at least 80 years old, art deco (hence the lovely swirls and deep etching) and proved to be a fun subject and texture for my first screen printing attempt with the Gocco:
Red Robin Pendant

I do have the feeling at this Gocco thing is going to be a new obsession for me…I think we need a bigger home or I need to move to a studio before my supplies take over…

The good news? I announced yesterday that to kindly relieve my spouse and child of mother’s day gift stress that I will be ordering some pretty inks to use with my new toy… And they were ok with that! Yipee!

Oh and if you are thinking of going Gocco, check out this tutorial: FeltCafe’s Blog

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